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 The Story of Fugly the Octopuse

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PostSubject: The Story of Fugly the Octopuse   Fri Jul 15, 2011 3:44 am

this is a story i heard on anonymous forum, just figured it was pretty good:

I had an Octopus.
His name was Fugly.

I got Fugly after a friend went scuba diving, brought up a shell, and realized it was occupied.

Fugly was a common Atlantic octopus, Octopus Vulgaris, and after noting the shape and length of one of his tentacles, I judged Fugly was male.

Fugly had his own tank, since NOTHING else could survive in the tank with him. He was voracious.

Unlike many octopi I have seen in public aquaria, Fugly was quite active, and would come out of hiding and interact with people when they looked at the tank.

It was truly amazing to see the constant ripples of color that would pass over his skin. The way I figure it, red was pissed off or excited, shades of brown were normal happy healthy hues, black was pain, and white was fear. His skin changed shape as well, going from smooth to almost leafy, like an underwater rock, with little "horns" over his eyes.

Fugly was also quite smart, and due to the fact that his tank was in the kitchen, soon learned that when the freezer was opened, it usually meant that he was going to get some shrimp or squid as a treat. (I fed him live crabs I collected as well.)

Once I went into the kitchen, opened the freezer, took out some microwave food for myself, and shut the door. Fugly grew quite agitated at this, and as I left the room without giving the little brat his shrimp, BOOM! He inked the tank, and I had to do an emergency major water change. Hehe.

(The ink can be toxic to the octopus in a closed system if not removed, luckily I always kept plenty of bags of salt mix handy.)

I had to octopus-proof the top of the tank, as they can fit through VERY small spaces. However, sometimes when I was in the mood, or was working on cleaning the tank, I would open the top, and he would literally sit on the edge of the tank, and squirt water at my face with his siphon.

They're right when they say Octopi have good vision. Fugly could nail me in the eye from 20 feet away. I swear he laughed as well when he did this. Heh.

His favorite toy was a plastic Spatula, which he "stole" from me at one point when I was trying to get him back in his tank after a squirt session. He previously had played with some plastic balls and whatnot, but he loved that spatula.

I owned Fugly for around three months. In this time, he got fat and happy, and grew from around merely the size of my palm, to over a foot in length. (From tentacle tip to tentacle tip) He was fat and happy.


I went out of town for a weekend. I fed Fugly, and instructed my loser roommate not to mess with him.

When I came back, the top of the tank was open, and Fugly had crawled out, crawled to the kitchen counter, and dried up.

My roomate swore she didn't do it, but considering that due to the way the top of the tank was fastened, and the way it had been opened, and also considering that she lied about many other things as well and wound up leaving me with a 500 buck phone bill after I ousted her slimy white trash ass, I think she was full of shit.

(Even I had trouble getting the top of that tank open, it was very solidly taped shut, and I had made doubly sure of that before I left...)

Also, by the fact that Fugly was clutching his Spatula, which had been relocated to the kitchen counter, I could tell some monkey business had gone on.

The way I figure it, the roommate and some of her jarhead friends had decided to play "Taunt the Octopus", and had in the process somehow gotten Fugly's spatula away from him.

Fugly then must have perched on the edge of the tank and squirted water at them. They must have freaked, and left the room, and put the spatula on the kitchen counter. Fugly saw it, and decided to go after it and get it, but it was too far away.

I buried Fugly under the back steps of the house.

R.I.P Fugly.

You were truly the oddest pet I have ever owned.

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PostSubject: Re: The Story of Fugly the Octopuse   Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:48 am

That was a kick ass story and I totally appreciate you passing that one along. I too have met a few EXTREMELY brite octopi. Really cool!

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PostSubject: Re: The Story of Fugly the Octopuse   Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:07 am

i have wanted to comment on this post but it just kinda made me sad. Sad it certainly is a great read.everytime i see an octopus for sale my mind drifts to this story.
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PostSubject: Re: The Story of Fugly the Octopuse   

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The Story of Fugly the Octopuse
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