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 HC or Glosso for sale or trade?

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PostSubject: HC or Glosso for sale or trade?   Sun May 27, 2012 5:15 am

I'm looking for HC or Glosso to carpet portions of my new 130 gallon. I've only got basic stem plants to trade - Ludwigia, Bacopa, three LARGE Hygrophilas, and two 8" pots full of rotala rotundifolia. I'm also totally willing to pay cash for whatever I can get. The prices on aquabid are between usually just over $4 for a 2"X2" section of glosso. I'm hoping to start with at least a 4"x4" section. Eventually I want to have both glosso and HC in the foreground.

Let me know what you've got and what kind of price you'd want for it. I'll be setting up the new tank either late this week or early next week.

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PostSubject: Re: HC or Glosso for sale or trade?   Sun May 27, 2012 6:35 pm

what exactly is HC? my memory is failing me could try the Animal House in corvallis there might be some there.last time they got a shipment i picked up some dwarf four leaf clover.after a shed of some of its emersed growth it is coming back sweet looking.
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HC or Glosso for sale or trade?
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