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 Land Snails

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PostSubject: Land Snails   Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:23 pm

Lately I've been researching land snails such as Garden snails and Decollate snails. Thought I would share some of my newly acquired information for those few who care about land snails.

The common Garden Snail
Helix aspersa

Ah those pests who nibble on your plants and gardens. These snails are herbivores, primarily eating plants and flowers. Many different animals eat them, including small Mammals, Birds, Lizards, and even other snails. Their shells reach heights of up to 25-35mm high. Laying up to six patches of 80 eggs a year, they can rapidly destroy any garden or crop. Their are many pesticides and poisoness baits on the market, however their is a biological solution-an epic solution-SNAIL HUNTERS....AKA the Docollate snails...

Docollate snail
Rumina decollata

The eater of garden snails. These snails have a cone shaped shell with a flattened end that reaches lengths of 40mm. This snail is omnivorous, also eating decaying plant matter. It will burrow under ground during the day and is most active at night and rainfall. However these snails do eat beneficial gastropods too, making them a double edged sword. To bad these snails aren't legal to ship in Oregon.

I will post some more on the Giant African Snail and more the way much of my knowledge comes from Wikipedia

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PostSubject: Re: Land Snails   Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:50 pm

So are you having snail problems?Do you keep snails as pets?I know I far from a fan of the standard land snails do to there destructive nature and prolific spread.upon thinking about it I cant think of a land snail that I like as a pet,as you have mentioned they make great food items for certain fishes and lizards and that is about all they are good for in my book asides from the ones that have attractive shells for certain strange crafts.I suppose that some of there activity is mildly interesting and there biology a little strange but all in all I find the aquatic variety to be of more interest.have you ever tried to keep snails with frogs or newts?I bet that would work and might be a little bit more lively.
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Land Snails
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