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 baby fire shrimp fry?

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PostSubject: baby fire shrimp fry?   Mon May 20, 2013 10:48 am

I was happy to notice tiny fry in one of my tanks this morning.Upon first inspection I thought they might be fish fry.However,they appear to be tiny shrimps.
This particular system has three tanks connected.I found the fry in the upper most level which has had no fish for months.The mid level contains a fire shrimp and what I believe to be a pair of Lubbocks wrasses.The bottom sump contains a pair of engineer gobies and a melanarus wrasse.I also have emeralds and hermits throughout the system.
Any thoughts as to what the little guys may be?I attempted to get a picture,the fry just look like dust on camera.
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PostSubject: Re: baby fire shrimp fry?   Mon May 20, 2013 12:33 pm

I have seen similar things happen.Many of the marine organisms young phases of life migrate to the top of the tank\ocean and become part of a plankton mass wich helps them survive amongst the crowd and find food a the same time.I have seen shrimp fry that look like fish and fish fry that look like tiny shrimps until closer observation with assisted magnification.I really need to get phytoplankton so when people have these little spawns in there tanks there will be a chance to keep some of them fed.I need phyto before rotifers but its all in the works.
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baby fire shrimp fry?
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