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 Salt Water Leaks and Damages

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PostSubject: Salt Water Leaks and Damages   Wed Jun 05, 2013 1:12 am

Now my first post in this thread will barely count as damage compared to what I have seen in the time I have been in the hobby but never the less it prompted me to start a thread to share some of the faults caused by a leak,overflow, or splash back.On this occasion I had the skimmer running rather wet to pull out some nasty from a dead anemone and I forgot to turn it down when I went to bed.I put the venturi air intake line in a small hole in the lid of the skimmer.Late at night when the skimmer cup eventualy filled the venturi started to siphon in the skimmer scum and that caused the skimmer pump to further fill the collection cup until it was spraying out the little hole in the skimmer cups lid.Over the period of several sleeping hours it had drained more than 10 gallons onto the floor but not before running over most of the games in the house.Well over 70 covered in salt water.

Here they are on the dryer.

I am sure I have some other things to share if I look but its a start.
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Salt Water Leaks and Damages
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