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 Coral Propagation Suppliers

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PostSubject: Coral Propagation Suppliers   Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:04 am

*The Alternative Reef*
Commercial and standard Coral frag plugs,donuts,magnetic frag stations and shelf units.

*Ocean Wonders*

  Several types of frags including MAG disks.Reef glue,epoxy,racks and hand tools.

*Marine Depot*

  Various glues and epoxy.At least six different varieties of frag plugs including squares and micro plugs.Dips,racks,bandsaws and hand tools.Here you can find some how to videos (i.e.How to set up a frag tank). Free shipping on orders over $175,reasonable rates otherwise.

 *Bulk Reef Supply*

 Frag plugs including MAG disk and EcoTech Marine.Hand tools,glue,epoxy,egg crate,dips and the Gryphon Band saw.

Here you can find clear plastics plugs,EcoTech Marine and square plugs.That also carry dips,racks and hand tools.

   * Premium Aquatics *

Carry a extensive variety of aquaculture tools including;
The EcoTech Marine and Boston Aqua frag plugs.
Eshopps magnetic and Geo' s Reef brand frag racks.
The Coralvue and EcoTech coral propagation tool kit.Several other hand tools as well.
Bandsaws and replacement blades.

*The Blue glow.*
Acrylic frag racks including the Infinity Series

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PostSubject: Re: Coral Propagation Suppliers   Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:04 pm

Looks like a comprehensive list of places to assist in coral propagation, who doesnt need more equipment in their coral cutting tools.

Get that Frag on!
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Coral Propagation Suppliers
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