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 Pacific Island Aquatics Goldflake Giffisi angel hybrid

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PostSubject: Pacific Island Aquatics Goldflake Giffisi angel hybrid   Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:55 am

These guys keep finding some of the rarest fish out there, some from Hawaii, some from Japan, and some from the Solomon Islands. All of them amazing! The article link here shows some nice pictures of some very rare juvenile angelfish hybrids. Some of these fish fetch thousands of dollars each wich is hard for some people, including myself, to fathom. Many of these fish may change color over time but only a fortunate few will be able to see what these gorgeous fish turn into. I am hopeful that the PIA will put some of these fish into breeding programs as brood stock. This way we might be able to see some more captive variants out there that just might be affordable to some of the hobbyists instead of the larger public or private aquariums.

On another note it I was over at the new facility being setup here right outside of Corvallis and Tangent. It is coming along very nicely and should be fully functional in the next few weeks. Already had an Australian coral shipment arrive along with some huge harlequin tusks, beautiful stuff.
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Pacific Island Aquatics Goldflake Giffisi angel hybrid
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