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 Anacropora Availanility

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PostSubject: Anacropora Availanility   Fri Mar 24, 2017 10:45 am

Does anyone have or know where to get any Anacropora corals? The reason it come up is I was out at a Oregon reef store and they had, what they said was, Anacropora. Upon closer inspection it was an Acropora that I had already recieved some time ago. At first I started to question the claim of said genus name but before I landed myself in hot water I decided to can it and to just go home and investigate a little more to make sure. Upon coming home I was even more positive that I had the identical coral as I took pictures while at the shop to compare. I then hit some books and the web and found this interesting excerpt.

Members of this genus are generally fragile corals with branches less than ten centimetres long which form small colonies. The branches are either spreading or may be clustered and are sometimes fused together. The calices are rounded and up to one millimetre in diameter. The area between the calices is porous with numerous small tubercles. There are no axial corallites and the main septa number six with a few more subsidiary ones.[1] The small radial corallites have an ‘empty’ appearance similar to Montipora. The delicate tentacles can often be seen extended during the day.

Now that I have read a little more I am unsure of if I have ever seen any Anacropora for sale in retail shops. I believe have seen some in a couple wholesalers facilities but never in another reefers tank...Weird right?

Anyways if someone has a bead on any let me know yeah.
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Anacropora Availanility
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