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 Turbinaria Reniformus CNC Lime Star

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Turbinaria Reniformus CNC Lime Star Empty
PostSubject: Turbinaria Reniformus CNC Lime Star   Turbinaria Reniformus CNC Lime Star EmptyThu Oct 05, 2017 9:38 pm

Here we have a colorful Turbinaria species from the Reniformus species. Plating out and then eventually cupping upward into the characteristic "lettuce" like state. Unlike its bright yellow lettuce cousin and the close sibling L.A.Lakers scroll, this one is a bright mint green instead of the classic yellows you usually find in the Reniformus species.

A slow to moderate paced grower it is sightly  slower than the Lakers but just as robust and hardy. Low to moderate flow to keep things from settling inside  t cup or on the polyps and your good to go. Tolerant of realatively high lighting if adjusted slowly but does best in low lighting situations, a very versatile coral.

Turbinaria Reniformus CNC Lime Star Sam_3410
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Turbinaria Reniformus CNC Lime Star
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