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 Pond Plants

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PostSubject: Pond Plants   Mon Oct 26, 2015 12:08 am

Although it is about winter time here in my neck of the woods some of my plants are still going strong.
Gave me a chance to snap a few shots of some nice greenery, check some of it out here.

Just chillin in my pond

First off some nice Water Lettuce.

These are a classic floating plant that provides great surface cover for the fish during the summer months and looks good doing it. I love the slightly fuzzy hydrophobic haris that cover the bright green foliage, there are a few variants out there now with slightly different leaf whorls.

As you can see they have a nice and healthy root system going on still, absorbing much sun and nutrients from the water. They can help keep things cooler during really hot days and are a spot for natural foods to be found such as insects and their larva.
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Pond Plants
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